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Pennie Sullings Dip Hyp CS

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi
Romina Sabate

I never thought I would be considering hypnosis therapy since I have always been quite skeptical about it. I was going through quite a stressful time in my life due to the the high demands of work, studying and handling family life. I had symptoms of what I can only describe as stormy thoughts. I needed to calm them down and find a way to really feel that everything was in order, inside and out.

Pennie offered me a session of hypnosis that proved to be very effective, soothing and powerful. She talks you through it, she does give you the right commands that your mind needs in order to get what you need. Not invasive or too mystical, just a warm, approachable, professional attitude. A truly great therapist.

I can honestly say I was very impressed and the effect it had on me stayed for days. I am now considering more sessions. Highly Recommended.

Romina Sabate, London
Pennie Sullings

Pennie has studied in clinical hypnosis and counselling skills at the renowned Chrysalis School of Hypnosis. Pennie has also added to her skills by becoming a licensed practitioner of The Virtual Gastric Band procedure, trained by Sheila Granger, pioneer of the world renowned weight loss programme. Pennie now runs her own practice in Worthing, West Sussex.

I was born and raised in Africa and schooled in England which gave me the enormous privilege of learning to live with and absorb different cultures, races and ways of thinking. My joy for travelling and experiencing new people and places continued to be a large theme in my life as I spent the next 20 years working as an on-board manager with British Airways.

My love for the human psyche has always driven my life choices and I began to recognise our need to form attachments, whether that was through work, friendships, religious organisations or the hobbies we developed to give ourselves identity and foundation. Emotional attachments formed by our life experiences can be beneficial or sometimes have a hindering affect on us. So I continued to broaden my learning and communication skills to explore if there was a form of therapy that would encourage leading a more balanced life, without the hindrance of painful memories and thought patterns.

Whilst studying a degree in Psychology I learnt more about Hypnotherapy and realised this was the path I was drawn towards. The techniques I was learning about incorporated all the beliefs I had experienced in helping with the mind, and the tools needed to change for a better quality of life emotionally and physically. I went on to train with the renowned Chrysalis school of Hypnosis and have gained further qualifications in The Virtual Gastric Band and treatment of phobias and PTSD.

Pennie is a fully accredited member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and the General Hypnotherapy Register. Pennie practices integrative hypnotherapy based around the client's individual needs for a better quality of life.

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