What is Hypnosis?

About Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Katie Sopp

Pennie gave me a session of hypotherapy to help me prepare for running the London Marathon in 2013. I had never ran in a race before and had had a few injury complications leading up to the date, so I was really concerned that I would not be able to complete the marathon. As I was doing it for charity and in memory of someone it was of real importance for me that I completed the marathon.

A complete stranger to hypnotherapy I wasn’t sure if it would help but decided what do I have to lose!

Penny listened to my concerns and worries and then began her session, which focused on me feeling fit and healthy and actually visualising crossing the finish line at the London Marathon. She explained that by doing this it would help me be able to cross the finish line, as I had visualised it and knew how it felt (even if only subconsciously).

I completed it without any knee pain and crossed the finish line in 4 hours 21 minutes!

Thank you Pennie for all your help in aligning my focus, undoubtly the hypnotherapy helped me believe that what seemed like an unlikely accomplishment was indeed possible!

Katie Sopp, Worthing

Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication, used during hypnosis, which helps direct a client's imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behavior. In a typical hypnotherapy session, I will ask the client questions about previous medical history, general health and lifestyle. We will then decide together on the changes or goals that are desired.

Every client is an individual and therefore each session is based around you and the best way forward. Problems usually begin at an emotional level – way apart from our thinking logical mind. It's why we often can't talk ourselves out of getting anxious or angry in particular situations. And that's the reason I integrate a combination of cognitive thinking style skills and mind/body change tools such as hypnosis and NLP.

Hypnosis is a natural brain wave pattern and is the foundation of how we learn and create both helpful and disruptive patterns of unconscious behavior. So it just makes sense to use what we have been given as this makes change seem easy.

As you are guided into a relaxed state by following instructions your subconscious mind is released from pre-determined patterns gained throughout our lives, and we can re-direct these mindsets to new positive and beneficial patterns of behavior.

Make positive, lasting changes, achieve your goals, and let me help guide you to improve the quality of your life.